SATE will present the Seventh Annual Aphra Behn Festival, May 5-7, 2023, at Fontbonne University. The theme for the 2023 Festival is “Re-Told” and will utilize plays from Hedgepig Ensemble Theatre’s Expand the Canon list of classical plays by women & underrepresented genders. Established in 2017, the Aphra Behn Festival’s goal is to give womenContinue reading “SATE ANNOUNCES THE 2023 APHRA BEHN FESTIVAL”

2022 Season of Party

SATE announces 2022 Season of Party and Auditions for the Aphra Behn Festival. SATE looks forward to a return to live, in-person productions in 2022, the Season of Party, with all world-premiere, original plays, including the Sixth Annual Aphra Behn Festival and Brontë Sister House Party by Courtney Bailey. To kick off the 2022 SeasonContinue reading “2022 Season of Party”

Poet, Playwright, Translator, Spy

Back in 2015, SATE produced a fictionalized account of Aphra Behn’s life in Or, by Liz Duffy Adams. Next, the SATE team partnered with Prison Performing Arts (PPA) to create an adaptation of Behn’s play, The Rover, with actors at Women’s Eastern Reception, Diagnostic, and Correction Center in Vandalia, MO. SATE and its artists feelContinue reading “Poet, Playwright, Translator, Spy”

Meet the Designers

SATE is creating ongoing opportunities for artists who have previously participated in the Aphra Behn Festival. SATE is piloting a mentorship component with this year’s directors and designers, and looks to continue growing the program. Bess Moynihan (Scenic Designer, Winnie & Alfred, Festival Design Mentor) has been a Resident Artist with SATE for the past 5Continue reading “Meet the Designers”

Meet the Mentors

Now in its fifth year, the Aphra Behn Festival continues to grow by piloting a mentorship program to help ensure excellence in the Festival’s final productions, while continuing to create opportunities for emerging artists to explore new creative horizons.  This year’s mentors include Taleesha Caturah, Keating, Kristin Rion and Bess Moynihan. They will be collaboratingContinue reading “Meet the Mentors”

Meet the Directors and Playwrights of the 2021 Aphra Behn Festival!

As a collective of artists devoted to storytelling through text, movement, soundscape, original music, and the technical arts, SATE an ever-growing, evolving team of collaboratively-minded theater artists. The Aphra Behn Festival creates opportunities for women interested in growing in directing writing for theatre, and creates an opportunity to gain experience, experiment with stagecraft, try newContinue reading “Meet the Directors and Playwrights of the 2021 Aphra Behn Festival!”