For the third production of its Season of Ritual, SATE collaborated with ERA to co-produce Antigone; a fresh perspective on the Sophocles classic workshopped in a collaboration between Saint Louis University Theatre and Prison Performing Arts. Antigone explores themes of fidelity, citizenship, civil disobedience, and the struggles and consequences the characters within the world of the play encounter as a result of their choices.

In 2017, Prison Performing Arts (PPA) began a collaboration with St. Louis University (SLU) Department of Fine and Performing Arts. Lucy Cashion, Assistant Professor of Theatre (and ERA Artistic Director), and PPA Director of Youth Programs (and SATE Artistic Director), Rachel Tibbetts, taught weekly poetry, playwriting, and development workshops with PPA participants at Women’s Eastern Reception, Diagnostic, and Correctional Center (WERDCC) in Vandalia, MO. The group studied, explored, and wrote about the Ancient Greek Princess Antigone.

Antigone’s story of fighting civic law to obey divine law became famous in the Classical Greek tragedy Antigone, which premiered in Athens in 441 B.C. Since then, scholars, poets, and playwrights have written their own translations, adaptations, and critiques of the Antigone story, each from a different point of view. The continuation of this tradition resulted in a new version of Antigone, which was performed in October 2017 by SLU theatre majors in St. Louis and then with a performance by PPA participants at WERDCC in March 2018. The collaboration now continues with this ERA/SATE co-production in St. Louis.



Taleesha Caturah
Miranda Jagels-Félix
Victoria Thomas
Alicen Moser
Ellie Schwetye
Laura Hulsey
Natasha Toro
Marcy Ann Wiegert


Production Stage Manager
Production Stage Manager
Lighting Design
Costume Design
Set and Sound Design
Technical Director
Graphic Design

Lucy Cashion
Erica Withrow
Spencer Lawton
Erik Kuhn
Liz Henning
Lucy Cashion
Erik Kuhn
Dottie Quick
Joey Rumpell

Learn more about the Prison Performing Arts (PPA) production at Women’s Eastern, Diagnostic & Correction Center (WERDCC) in Vandalia, MO, produced in Spring 2018.

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